Bernard Benjie Paraiso

Digital Marketing Consultant & Show Host of "Views From 3B"

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Here are some things that you should know about me.

Bernard Benjie Paraiso

Marketing Professional, Investor, Adventurer & Lifelong Learner
Over more than 10+ years, Bernard has: Developed more than 78 websites and digital marketing campaigns, been involved in numerous startups, has read more than 500 books, and has conducted countless growth hacking and business bootstrapping experiments.

He enjoys sharing all of his discoveries in an effort to bridge people together and closer to their personal and career goals.


Things that I work on.

Podcast Host, Video Production & Photography

Campaign Development & Consulting

Resource Development & Classes

Featured Projects

Recent Projects & Causes I'm Passionate About

Cofounders Connect

Video Production & Photography Company, I often help with.

"Tree Guy" from my story for those who know it.

Portfolio for the most talented Hair & Makeup Artist I know :)

Rules for my Favorite Game of All Time: Pusoy Dos

Aerial View Videos utilizing Drones covering Real Estate, Landscapes, and Surveying

Upcoming Podcast & Community of First Class Entrepreneurs, Artists & Game-Changers

How To's & Tutorials. Online: Simplified.

Raw, Unfiltered, and Unapologetic Wisdom & Insights from Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Game Changers


My thoughts.

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Travel Resources


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Tools and Resources

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Book Reviews and Favorite Reads

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